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At Thrive Business Operations, we take pride in showcasing our real-life success stories through our diverse range of case studies. These case studies exemplify our expertise in solving unique challenges and delivering tangible results for our clients. From helping businesses scale operations, implement efficient processes, and develop strategic plans to facilitating smooth partner transitions and launching successful ventures, our Fractional COO service has played a pivotal role in driving growth and success across various industries.


Business professionals walking together looking at the camera

Creating Operational Clarity for a Manufacturing Distributor

A manufacturing distributor faced operational challenges as the owner struggled to effectively communicate and document the company's operational processes. The lack of a clear workflow hindered the team's understanding of the business operations, leading...
Business people shaking hands over a table

Building an Attractive Executive Team for Merger or Acquisition in a Manufacturing Company

A manufacturing company with a vision to sell realized that its existing executive team was not positioned to attract potential buyers for merger or acquisition. The team lacked the necessary organizational structure, defined roles,...
Coworkers at a conference table

Establishing Organizational Structure and Strategic Direction for a Textile Technology Startup

An innovative textile technology startup in the Series A stage lacked proper organizational structure and strategic direction. The company was developing unique textile technologies but did not have a clear framework to align its...
Hands holding a pen signing a contract

Scaling Processes and Company Growth for a Real Estate Attorney’s Office

A real estate attorney's office faced challenges related to scaling processes and company growth. The firm's real estate closing processes were not documented or scalable, leading to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Additionally, the office...
Woman with a clipboard speaking with a client

Preparing a Home Health Care Business for Sale

A home health care business approached Thrive Business Operations and our Fractional COO services with the goal of preparing their company for sale. They recognized the need to address specific challenges before making the...
Finger interacting with a holographic projection of a bar graph

Implementing a Project Management System for a Data Analyst and Polling Company

A data analyst and polling company recognized the need for a clear project management system to enhance the delivery of their services with clarity and consistency. The company aimed to streamline their processes, improve...
Woman interviewing for a job

Establishing a Hiring Process and HRIM System for a Logistics and Delivery Company

A logistics and delivery company faced challenges in managing their hiring process and HR information for a team of over 100 drivers. They recognized the need for an efficient and streamlined hiring process to...
aerial view of coworkers going over charts and graphs at a conference table

Creating a Repeatable Sales Process for a Commercial Electrical Contractor

A commercial electrical contractor faced challenges with their sales process, which relied heavily on one person to handle all sales responsibilities. This approach required a "unicorn" employee with a diverse skill set. To overcome...
Coworkers brainstorming with post-it-notes on a glass board

Launching a Real Estate Brokerage and Achieving Regional Leadership

A veteran real estate agent aspired to launch his own brokerage and establish a strong presence in the real estate market. Seeking assistance, he engaged Thrive Business Operations and our Fractional COO services to...
Businesswoman pointing to a monitor while helping a coworker

Developing a Project Management Process for a Leading Traffic Solutions Firm

A leading firm specializing in developing traffic solutions for major metropolitan areas faced challenges related to service delivery and project management. While their team of consultants was highly competent individually, they lacked a shared...
Hands going through a pile of papers with binders

Documenting Business Processes and Preparing for a Partner Transition in a Financial Advisor Firm

A financial advisor firm was preparing for a partner transition, with one partner planning to retire and sell their book of business to another partner. Before the sale, the partners recognized the need to...
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