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Our fractional leaders are dedicated to reshaping businesses for success. With a deep understanding of diverse industries and skills for providing innovative business solutions, they’re here to fuel your operations with efficiency and strategic expertise. Get to know the talent that turns aspirations into achievements!

Kai Bailey - Co-owner and COO

Kai Bailey

Bill Simmons - Founder and CEO

Bill Simmons

Lindsey Laube, Director of Client Success headshot

Lindsey Laube

Director of Client Success
Charmel Bowden - Fractional COO

Charmel Bowden

Fractional COO
Michael Porro - Sales

Michael Porro

Wendy Dawson - Human Resources

Wendy Dawson

Human Resources
Craig Paxson - Fractional COO

Craig Paxson

Fractional COO
Anthony Thomas - Fractional COO & Client Experience Officer

Anthony Thomas

Fractional COO & Client Experience Officer
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