Lindsey Laube

Director of Client Success
Lindsey Laube, Director of Client Success headshot

Meet Lindsey Laube

Lindsey Laube is an experienced strategic sales executive who is dedicated to empowering businesses to flourish, innovate, and expand. She achieves this by leveraging her expertise in Thrive Business Operations’ groundbreaking Fractional COO service. This unique offering provides businesses with the invaluable guidance of an experienced Chief Operating Officer on a part-time basis, allowing them to access the insights of a seasoned executive while managing costs effectively.

She is passionate about delivering customer success and satisfaction and she leverages her 15+ years of sales experience and expertise to facilitate the goals of those she works with. Lindsey specializes in forging strong, trust-based partnerships, using creativity and technical know-how to provide innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Her dedication extends to mentoring and coaching sales teams, helping them elevate their skills and performance.