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doctor of digital podcast with Bill Simmons

About This Episode

In this episode of the Doctor Digital podcast, host Mick dives deep into the rapidly growing fractional COO market with special guest Bill Simmons, a leadership and fractional COO expert. Bill shares his journey into the fractional COO space, highlighting the need he observed for high-level leadership solutions back in 2006. The conversation delves into the dynamics of fractional COOs, emphasizing their role in bridging the gap between a company’s vision and its operational execution. Bill outlines a five-step process called the “Thrive OpsCycle” that his firm uses to deliver services, focusing on quick wins, quarterly sprints, annual growth opportunities, and transition strategies. He also distinguishes his firm’s approach from solo practitioners, emphasizing the benefits of a team-based model. For business owners considering fractional COO services, Bill advises caution against falling into the competency trap and recommends seeking providers with clear processes for delivering results. If you’re intrigued by the potential of fractional leadership solutions, this episode offers valuable insights into navigating the unique dynamics of the field.